Some of My Favorite Things

As I thought about what I most wanted for a snack earlier today, I thought about how much I loved Stonyfield Soy Blueberry Yogurt.  I scooped it into a big bowl, poured a pile of grape nuts over it and happily devoured it.  Little things like this make me grateful for all the little things–and some big ones–that make me happy.  I thought I’d share  some of them….


Stonyfield Blueberry Soy Yogurt – I can’t even describe how delicious it is.  THE BEST yogurt I’ve had.  EVER!

Wegman’s all natural organic peanut butter on homemade whole wheat bread

Green Mountain Coffee with Blue Diamond Almond Milk (the unsweetened 40 calorie variety)

Naked Juice – though it’s expensive enough to constitute a luxury, I like to have it once or twice a month

Soy Chai Latte – Irvings Bagels in State College, PA and Donkey Coffee in Athens, OH make the best I’ve ever had; they easily beat Starbucks–hands down.

Vegan Red Curry at Cozy Thai in State College, PA

Whole wheat pizza loaded with red peppers, garlic, spinach, shitake mushrooms and pineapple

A marinated tofu sandwich ala Vegan Yum Yum loaded with vegan mayo, tomatoes, and spinach

Vegan pancakes and waffles of all kinds with maple syrup – the real kind

Broccoli rabe parboiled then sauteed in olive oil with garlic, topped with a pinch of kosher salt and pepper; I usually eat an entire bunch myself in one sitting

Drinking red wine when I cook

Working Out

The first 50+ degree day after winter so I can run outside (otherwise I’m on my glorious treadmill–I’m a wimp, I know)

Coldplay’s “Yellow” on my ipod when I run–it’s the perfect running pace for me

Walking with my very best friends

Going an extra mile because I feel pretty good at the moment when I normally stop

Adding an extra pushup every couple of days

My 10 lb. dumbbells–I’ve had them for at least 15 years.

My balance ball

Good running shoes

Social Responsibility

Seeing most people at the grocery store with reusable bags

Having lots of food choices–farmers markets, CSAs, good grocery stores

My Toms Shoes burlap shoes – I just bought my second pair of this kind; so cute

Nicholas Kristof and everything he writes

Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl DuWunn’s Half the Sky

Kevin Salwen and Hannah Salwen’s The Power of Half

Food Inc.

Penn State’s THON

Low-flow shower heads, front-load washers



Please add yours.  I love checking out and trying new things!


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